Inner Diva

Igniting our Divine Wisdom​

Like many women, I have a deep longing for community. I want a safe place to express who I am, to share my stories and to listen and learn from others. When I look around, I see that so many of us are missing that deep communal connection. And while I was raised to think I could do it all on my own—it turns out, I really don’t want to.
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A Community of Soul Sisters


In answer to that longing, I created Inner Diva—a free, safe haven for us to grow and transform, where women collaborate instead of compete and where we learn to fly, fully supported and cheered on by our tribe. It’s a place where we can meet and connect, so that we remember how to live in the feminine way—the way of community and sisterhood. Because we were never meant to do it alone!

Conversations to Inspire, Uplift and Transform​

Each month Inner Diva will present thought-provoking (completely free) interviews with smart, visionary women who are doing beautiful, heart-centered work in the world. We’ll engage with authors, personal-growth teachers, activists, bloggers, cultural creatives and more. We’ll talk about finding our joy, living our divinity, and showing up as our highest selves. We’ll dive deep into healing and forgiveness, grief and loss, stress and overwhelm and how to get unstuck. Together, we’ll create an awake, compassionate community that supports each other to manifest the change that’s so needed in the world.

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Your Voice Is Needed

We welcome your voice and invite your participation, but we do ask that you follow our one simple guideline:

These sacred conversations between sisters are not a space for negativity, backstabbing, or bickering. Of course we can disagree, but respecting our differences is essential to the success of our mission for growth and transformation. Thank you for your understanding and for your help in creating a safe, trustworthy environment.

Taking a Stand for the Divine Feminine Within

The name Inner Diva comes from my belief that to heal the world, we must first each look inside and heal what’s within. Inner Diva represents the concept of listening to your inner divine feminine so you can:

  • Access your inner wisdom.
  • Express your true voice.
  • Get unstuck and into action.
  • Love your body just as it is.
  • Rock your relationships.
  • Live your fullest expression.
  • Awaken your inner divinity.
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Be a Part of Our Tribe​

1. Join the communal conversation by providing your best email below (we will NEVER share or sell it and unsubscribing will ALWAYS be easy).

2. Participate by listening to the free interviews and sharing the speakers’ ideas and insights.

3. Engage with the Tribe by joining our private Facebook group.

Sharing Our Collective Wisdom

With so much happening in the world right now, I know I need help in making sense of it all. These are the powerful voices of change that I want to engage with, and I’m hoping you might feel the same. The interviews are free, and they’ll be available for you to listen to whenever you want—there’s no artificial time limit to get you to act now. Building this community is our ongoing gift to each other. We’ll begin with a private Facebook group, and see where it grows from there. But for now, it starts by signing up below to get notified of each new exceptional conversation.


Be Inspired. Get Involved.

My name is Carla Detchon, and since 2002 I’ve been a Life Coach inspiring women to own their inner power, strength, beauty and divinity. Creating community is one of the things I love most, but to create an amazing community, you’ve got to have amazing members. I hope you’ll consider joining our tribe. Once you’re in, I invite you to settle in and prepare to deeply listen to these extraordinary speakers as well as to your fellow sisters. Let’s ignite our divine wisdom together—the world is waiting for us.

Let’s Build the Community We’ve Been Longing for.

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